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3 Business Advantages of the Best VoIP Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been changing the way businesses communicate both internally and externally for a number of years. By now, most people in the office environment have heard of VoIP and likely have a vague understanding of what it is. Sometimes, however, the business advantages of VoIP can fly under the radar. Here are 3 advantages the best VoIP service offered by PRO OnCall can offer your company.

Manage Business Costs

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The flexibility and setup of VoIP brings with it many cost saving attributes. For one, since VoIP uses your internet connection, there isn’t a need for a phone line. In new office build-outs and expansions, cabling can get expensive quickly. This expense is greatly reduced by removing the need for traditional phone lines to be run. As long as you have an internet connection, you can send and receive calls from your VoIP phone.


Mobility and Flexibility

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With VoIP, you’re no longer tethered to the phone in your office. By utilizing a softphone, your personal cell phone or computer can send and receive calls as your work line. If you have an employee that needs to work from home, they can take their VoIP enabled phone and connect the device to their home network. Calls will be routed to the phone as if they were in the office. This makes office moves easy as well, if a user changes location, they just bring their phone with them!



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VoIP also has the ability to handle conferences and make for a much better user experience for all of those involved. If you’re holding a conference between your team and a potential client, you don’t want a breakdown in communication. By setting up a conference and using a conference phone, you can take the guesswork out of getting everyone connected to the call. With a conference phone, your team can be seated comfortably around the phone and still be able to hear and speak clearly without having to be huddled around a desktop phone meant for an individual. With VoIP, you can have the entire conversation recorded and kept for both parties to reference. You also have the ability to manage who else is on the call and to mute other participants when necessary.

If you’re ready to implement the best VoIP service around, or if you would like us to take a look at your current implementation, contact us today!