A female project manager is discussing the responsibilities and expectations of the upcoming IT project

3 Tips to Help Your IT Projects Succeed

Is stress from an upcoming IT project bringing you down? Unable to deliver the right solutions for your business by the deadline? Unfortunately, you are not alone. According to the article “Why Are So Many IT Projects Failing?”, 50% percent of businesses had an IT project fail during the last year`. Here are three tips on how to defy the odds and help your IT projects succeed.

The Team

When you begin a project, you need to make sure that you have the right people behind it. This process starts off with a strong project manager and filters down to the rest of the members of the team. The project manager is responsible for divvying out roles, responsibilities, and effectively communicating. The project manager should have 100% support from every team member in order to coordinate action, recognize and solve problems, and adapt to changes. Without a dedicated team, the project can fizzle at the first sight of problems. For the safety of the project, make sure you can rely heavily on the management and monitoring of the project scope.

The Plan

Along with finding the right people, you need to clearly define your business objectives and requirements. Once every member of the team understand the goals and outline of what is expected from them, they can begin to understand the purpose of the project. Ken Leland III, Vice President of Engineering, Monmouth says, “Keep track of the time spent by the key personnel responsible for the completion of major parts of the project.” Within your own team, there should be regular updates throughout the project, constant check ups on deadlines, and open communication from all areas.

The Project

With the rapid growth in technology, there will be moments of innovation. Just because you have implemented a plan does not secure stability. “In technology, projects don’t ever seem to follow specifications exactly,” notes Samit Shah, cofounder of EventEdge who builds custom event apps. But the fact that you have taken into consideration potential risks means adaptation and quick resolution from the team. Constant monitoring of the project will keep the requirements and expectations up to date and on track for the project deadline.
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