Earth globe surrounded by people brought together by unified communications.

3 Unified Communications Solutions to Speed Up Decision Making

The pressure to make a split decision especially when it comes to your business can result in the wrong one. Most business owners are starting to reap the benefits of unified communications and are seeing how it can speed up the process of decision making. By collectively collaborating with other team members in real-time through instant messaging, voice IP telephony, and mobility features (such as audio, web and video conferencing), business owners gain a broad sense of unity when formulating their next major business decision. Gone are the days of dragged out decision making with the simplicity and speed of unified communications.

Combine Voice, Video and Data

By consolidating your voice, video and data, you will be able to communicate on any device or network regardless of your immediate location. This unified communication solution gives you the flexibility to reconnect with your business at any given time and place. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also increases the productivity for users and applicants.

Mobile, Smartphone, BYOD Integration

If you are wary of the changes associated with unified communications, fear no more! “Today, only about one of every five white collar employees works solely in the office,” noted Andrew W. Davis, an analyst at Wainhouse Research. Mobile communications will take your company further than ever imagined. Mobile workers who are able to use their smartphone from any location around the world on any network will be able to quickly touch base with their team and progress further in production.

Collaboration, Conferencing

Employees enjoy working in teams and that requires effective and clear communication. Businesses spend a lot of money on numerous conferencing services due to today’s modern disparate workforces and decentralized operations. Unified communications and collaboration keeps everyone connected and up-to-speed, which allows brainstorming and presentations to take place seamlessly.

A business with more productive employees will result in a better functioning enterprise.

Effective collaboration produces greater innovation, and everyone will be able to use the same applications and collectively benefit. PRO OnCall will make your technology work for you. Call us today for a free consultation!