4 business workers meeting

3 Ways Unified Communications Foster Innovation

Today’s business dynamic is continuously accelerating and changing, especially when it comes to communication technology. Having the proper technology opens up a world of possibilities. Unified communications can offer a set of applications that provide the communication building blocks to support and grow with your business. There are countless benefits from successfully implementing unified communications, such as money savings, increased user confidence, and more access control. Not only do these solutions boost productivity, but they also facilitate engagement and foster innovation. Here are three of the greatest benefits unified communications from PRO OnCall Technologies can bring to your business:

Increased Collaboration

Unified communications serve as a “venue” where all employees, business partners, and external clients can come together and collaborate. With advanced data sharing devices, collaboration can happen on a variety of tasks, such as documents or complex projects. This means that regardless of the local time and physical location, everyone will be able to simultaneously work on necessary assignments. In the process of doing so, they may be in a position to propose certain improvements, leading to business-specific unified communications modifications. This will, in turn, change mindsets towards innovation.

Rapid Business Process Integration

Unified communications also expand the integration between various data and communication applications, enhancing the continuity across various business processes. For example, easily access business process and reporting applications such as ERP, CRM, supply chain management. Each person will have direct access to all these apps, removing the waste of time that comes with using them on separate locations. This results in integrating business processes in the most innovative and unique way possible. 

Enabled Real-Time Presence

One of the most unique innovations accomplished by unified communications is their real-time presence. This means that you are allowed to view the general availability of all other users and their specific communication preferences. So, instead of using the traditional approach in tracking down the available users in question and leaving a series of messages, unified communications easily cuts these time wasting activities. To better understand this, try imagining the process of scheduling a simple meeting for 10-20 people the traditional way. Struggling to synchronize them all may drain days from the week. Instead, with unified communications, you can access their calendars and automatically match any available slots.

Using technology effectively in today’s highly competitive markets can deliver critical advantages. With unified communications, benefit from a more effective way to operate. Not only will this simply processes and increase collaboration, but it will also allow more time for more important tasks such as finding new business process solutions and enabling greater business innovation. We know exactly how to make this happen here at PRO OnCall Technologies. Contact us today!