Telecom Support Contract

4 Benefits of a Telecom Support Contract

In order for your business to succeed and keep up with the competition, exceptional communication is key. Employees must be able to effectively reach out to one another and to their customers. Today’s telecommunication systems allow workers to correspond remotely, at any time of the day and across all mediums. Unless you have an in house IT wizard, it is logical for your company to outsource telecom support to a qualified company like Pro OnCall. While an added expense sounds scary, it will be an investment that saves you a lot of money and time in the long run. Here are 4 benefits of having a telecom support contract.


  1. Reduced Employee Expenses

Even though you’re paying a company to handle your telecom needs, it is a move that saves your company money by cutting employee expenses. Your support contract includes all the IT staff you’ll require to handle your telecom needs. This means it is not necessary to hire a full-time IT employee that is tied to a salary, benefits, training and HR costs. More money will be free in your budget to invest into the business so it can grow.


  1. Better Business

The better telecom system you have, the better business you can do. The contract will provide you with recommendations for the best new technology and upgrades to make your company run smoothly. This is difficult to keep up with on your own, and businesses will waste very valuable time trying to figure out systems that are often antiquated or simply not appropriate for what they’re trying to accomplish. When you have the best telecom system and support, you will be able to conduct business much easier and customers will appreciate your professionalism and desire to stay current with technology. With more than half of all voice traffic flowing across IP networks, it is increasing speed and productivity that your telecom contract provider will oversee for you at all times.


  1. Slash Equipment Costs

With a telecom contract your equipment will be bundled into the cost. This means there is no need to spend money on equipment, maintenance, annual colocation cost, IP interconnectivity, licensing fees and more. Since your experts will only be providing you with what is absolutely necessary, your overhead costs will be greatly reduced. You also get rid of extra hardware that is lying around taking up valuable space.


  1. Less Risk

Telecom projects can carry a lot of risks such as poor design, financial risk and chance of obsolete equipment being chosen. When you have a telecom contract, these risks are eliminated because you’re dealing with pros that are knowledgeable about all the latest in telecommunication technology and security to keep your company competitive. At Pro OnCall, we take on all the risk for you and guarantee our service.