4 ways a VoIP solution can benefit your business

VoIP is among the fastest-growing telecommunications technologies today. The global VoIP market is on track to reach $55 billion by 2025. Over the last few years, VoIP telephony has quickly taken over traditional landlines and broadband systems as the preferred enterprise telecom solution.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that enables voice transmissions over the internet. It basically works by converting analog sound signals into digital packets and sending them via a LAN, WAN, or wireless ethernet connection. In contrast, regular phones transmit digitized voice signals using radio waves or landline cables.

With VoIP, you don’t necessarily need a specialized phone; any internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or VoIP-ready IP-PBX system can serve as a VoIP solution platform. All you need is a VoIP app and a hosting service to enable advanced VoIP features and interface IP calls with regular broadband calls.

What does a VoIP service provider do?

Think of VoIP service providers as phone or telecom operators. They provide VoIP software, hardware, and hosting infrastructure for enterprise VoIP systems. Most VoIP services encompass all aspects of business communications, including instant messaging, conferencing, emailing, and file sharing. Hosted VoIP services also come with additional perks, such as advanced security; automated call screening, forwarding, routing, answering; call recording; voicemail-to-email; and users’ administration.

Since all businesses have unique communication needs, a VoIP service provider will also help you pick or design the most suitable VoIP solution for your enterprise.

Benefits of using VoIP

There are several potential benefits of switching to a VoIP solution. Here are the main upsides of using VoIP in your business:

Cost savings

The low installation cost and reduced call rates are the most attractive advantages of using business VoIP. A typical analog PBX line costs about $50 per user or extension, and in most cases, that price only covers domestic calls. In comparison, VoIP systems cost an average of $20 per user. Moreover, a VoIP solution can reduce your local phone bill by 60 percent and international call rates by up to 90 percent.

Flexible and versatile telephony

VoIP allows you to use convenient call features, such as auto-attend and advanced call transfers, that you won’t find on other telephony systems. Plus, VoIP is not limited to voice calls either; you can also hold virtual meetings and collaborate on remote tasks, among other capabilities.

VoIP’s flexibility allows it to scale with the business as it grows. You never have to make tedious and expensive upgrades to a VoIP system to expand the user capacity or call volume.

Reliable connections

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll have no reason to worry about dropped calls, latency, or lag when using a VoIP solution. Besides high speeds and dependability, VoIP phones also have a crispier and superior voice and video quality than traditional phones. Advanced audio compression and noise filtering technologies enable VoIP to achieve unmatched call standards.

Complete portability and accessibility

Since VoIP works on the internet, it’s not limited by distance or international borders. VoIP allows users to connect seamlessly regardless of their location, meaning you can still manage your business on the go and communicate with remote employers, clients, and stakeholders. Additionally, users can conveniently access VoIP services via softphones and client apps that run on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

According to a 2018 survey, 35 percent of businesses have already adopted VoIP systems, and 61 percent were keen on switching to a VoIP solution once their phone contract ended. VoIP is not a new concept, but constant refinements over the years and the many benefits it presents to businesses have made it the most preferred enterprise communications technology. Don’t get left behind; take advantage of this versatile and affordable innovation to boost your business.