Efficient Managed IT Services

4 ways a managed IT services provider makes your SMB more efficient

A managed IT services provider (MSP) is an excellent way to meet an SMB’s IT needs.

They’re cost efficient, security-oriented and knowledgeable. Most importantly, an MSP can make your small business more efficient, which means less stress, happier employees, and stronger profits.


Thriving in the business world means staying up to date on technology and its integration.

Simply owning the latest software does not improve your company’s efficiency unless it’s properly integrated with the other programs that you use. Achieving strategic integration requires an expert level of knowledge and hours of practical experience that a part-timer or hourly contractor may not have.

A quality managed IT services provider is affordable for small companies. They can easily handle the integration of multiple IT tools so that you and your employees get the most out of your technological investment.

24/7 monitoring

Trouble seems to strike at the least convenient times. A small business cannot afford the cost of downtime, which can extend into hours or even the entire business day. On average, businesses lose 14.1 hours in downtime annually, which can easily cost your company thousands of dollars.

Managed IT services providers offer 24/7 monitoring so they can immediately track and correct IT problems, greatly reducing your company’s downtime during business hours. An MSP also looks for problems proactively. They identify potential issues and fix them before your business is affected. Avoiding shutdowns is the best way to keep your business running efficiently and profitably.

Employee efficiency

When you hire an MSP, you simplify the lives of your employees. They have one source for all every IT support issue. Plus, assistance is consistent and prompt.

You don’t have to wait until a lone IT worker can find the time to address a random technical issue. In fact, many MSPs offer after-hours assistance. If you can get the printer to work while you’re pulling the (hopefully rare) all-nighter, you have someone you can call.

Also, managed IT services providers give you and your employees multiple ways to contact them, including online form or phone access. As a result, they respond quickly and don’t stop working the problem until it’s fixed. Your employees are less stressed and more productive.

Security services

As a small business owner, you have to worry about security. Just one successful hack can cost you financially and ruin your reputation.In addition, trying to manage security onsite is often ineffective and inefficient. Your employees need a simple-to-use, yet sophisticated security system so that all business-related information is protected.

A managed IT services provider offers your company the latest in cybersecurity, including file-based and image backup, both at your physical location and on the cloud. They’ll be able to safeguard your data from malware and ransomware, as well as other threats, like phishing attacks. The right MSP allows your employees to spend less time worrying about security and more time doing their jobs.

Managed IT services make a big difference

Even if you can afford to hire several full-time IT staff members, they may not always be able to protect and enhance your company’s technology use the way a managed IT services provider can. They simply don’t have access to all the tools solid MSPs have, and you’ll likely never be able to afford a robust team that’s available at all hours.

You deserve the highest level of technological knowledge available. This is the backbone of your business we’re talking about. If you’re committed to running efficiently, you need a managed IT services provider.