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5 Business Growth Strategies to Leverage in 2017

2016 is almost over. For all those businesses out there, that means it’s time to start planning for the new year. Do you have your business goals identified and mapped out? Do you have new tools and strategies ready? If not, get started so you can enter the new year strong! Here are 5 business growth strategies to leverage in 2017.

Embrace the Cloud

The Cloud is pretty well known in the IT industry. Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t care for it, you can’t deny its power. There’s no denying that the Cloud is a powerful tool that will definitely help with business growth in 2017. With this world becoming increasingly mobile and global, if your business wishes to grow and keep up with this pace, it needs the remote, collaborative, and flexible qualities that working in the Cloud provides. Did we mention this service is also extremely secure and affordable?

Utilize the Full Range and Power of WiFi

WiFi is also an extremely powerful tool when it comes to business growth. With WiFi, you can stay connected wherever you go, and you can also also expand your workspace with various access points.

Besides mobility, the power of WiFi can do a lot of other things as well. You can offer free WiFi to your customers, and not only will this help strengthen your relationship, but it will also create an opportunity for you to observe and obtain data regarding your clients’ online behavior. This will help you market specific products or services towards them in the future. With the the right strategies, WiFi will be a powerful tool for your business growth.

Work on Your Website

This may sound like a weird one, but hear us out. Right now, the number of active social media users has reached 2.307 billion. And that’s not the peak of it – this number is expected to hit 2.55 billion by 2018. What does this have to do with your website? Well, most of these social media users are accessing what they need to from their phones and tablets. So, with this in mind, it’s wise to make sure that your website’s design format is optimized for mobile. If someone tries to view your website from their phone and only the full site version is available, it’s likely they could get annoyed with all the scrolling, moving around, and zooming in and out, and then leave your website.

Focus on Developing Your Infrastructure

The business world is fast-paced. The infrastructure that kept you going in 2016 isn’t going to be able to keep up in 2017. With an MSP like us here at Pro OnCall technologies, we’ll constantly be assessing your network to recommend new technologies or strategies that would help improve your system. With focus and attention like this, your overall business operations will be able to perform at lightning-fast speeds.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Monitoring your growth and productivity is very important. Having all that data laid out in front of you will help immensely when strategizing your next move. There are many softwares available out there that can take notes of your progress and report it back to you. This also helps you see what is working and what isn’t. This way, you can re-allocate resources whenever you see the need for it in order to improve your overall workflow and business growth.

Everything starts with a plan. Start 2017 strong with these strategies. Contact us for more IT tips on business growth to adopt in the new year!