Computer Support Specialist

5 Qualities to Look for in Your Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are the professionals who assist individuals and organizations with the use of their equipment and computer software. Most computer support specialists work full-time but many work outside the 9-to-5 to accommodate the needs of their clients.

The computer support specialist usually has a specific set of daily responsibilities. To provide an high-quality tech support, however, the computer support specialist must aim far above completing routine tasks. You should look for certain qualities in your computer support specialist to ensure that they are up to any job you can throw at them!

Problem-Solving Skills

The computer specialist support job is largely focused on fixing problems and making sure that technology is working properly. This means that he or she will have excellent analytical skills.

He or she will be an amazing problem-solver, which involves the ability to identify the source of a problem, and to focus on the resolution of the issue until the solution is satisfactory for the user.

Solving the problem may require innovation and creative thinking on the part of the specialist. Your computer specialist might enjoy puzzles, and will be eager to rise to any task, whether challenging or otherwise.


Computer issues often arise after working hours, as well as during holidays and weekends. This means that your computer support specialist should have the flexibility to come to the rescue when you need. Look for specialists that are available outside of office hours. Some will be available 24/7/365. With this level of support, many issues that arise after a business has closed its doors for the day can be taken care of before it opens its doors the following morning.

Excellent Communication Skills

This person has to have perfect listening skills in order to understand the concerns and goals of their clients. A computer specialist with relevant communication skills will be able to listen to concerns, and will address those specific issues.

They must also have excellent verbal communication skills, so that they can explain processes and potential solutions to those who want or need to know. It may be necessary to translate a complex technical issue or solution into simple terms for end user’s to understand easily.

The computer support specialist should also be able to educate users, especially when they may be stressed or frustrated. The ability to share knowledge and experiences with the team, providing a steady communication flow, is valuable.


Many computer problems are the result of small, unremarkable errors made over time, causing problems with the proper running of a program. A computer support specialist benefits from the ability to explore issues with great attention to detail. Spotting tiny anomalies can be a painstaking process, but it can save a lot of time, as it means getting to the core of an issue and resolving it.

Attention to detail, also ensures that other issues are noticed along the way, which can then be addressed, too, to prevent future problems.


Technology changes constantly. The computer support specialist has to be up-to-speed to not only install the latest software and tech devices available on the market but also solve issues with them, too. This is easier to do if you have a knack or a passion for technology.

The perfect computer support specialist is not only prepared to learn, through their initiative, but they will enjoy it!

In times when nearly all businesses rely heavily on technology, computer support specialists are an essential part of many organizations. When hiring a computer support specialist, look beyond technical ability. More advanced skills and qualities can be of great benefit.

Having the best computer support specialists will avoid headaches for you, keep your technology running smoothly, and help you stay ahead of your competition. For a free technology assessment, give PRO OnCall a shout today.