A closer look at how VoIP is lowering communications costs

It has been widely reported that voice over IP (VoIP) telephony systems can markedly increase employee productivity, collaboration and efficiency. In addition to these benefits, IP-based business phone systems also have the potential to afford business users with significantly reduced costs.

Right off the bat, switching to a VoIP infrastructure lowers management costs. With network convergence afforded through a unified system, only one network needs to be maintained, whereas traditional systems require multiple different networks, especially when considering offices with multiple locations.

And with less network maintenance, that means that an enterprise can enjoy substantial savings on cabling and hardware costs since many services are stored remotely. Furthermore, because data is no longer stored in-house, the option of telecommuting for employees is available. And with fewer staff members operating in a primary office, a business can save on real estate and HVAC expenses.

Additionally, while traditional telephony systems required lots of extra costs in the form of moves, adds and changes (MAC), the ease of internal changes can save a company up to 90 percent on their MAC bills.

Also, with the videoconferencing capabilities associated with VoIP technology, meetings that needed to be handled face-to-face in former years can now be held just as easily and effectively as if the individuals were in the same room. Consequently, business officials can enjoy huge savings on travel costs as meetings can be hosted virtually anywhere.

Businesses in Ohio looking to spearhead a VoIP initiative to ultimately reduce costs across every corner of an operation can start the process by consulting with a Cincinnati IT partner that can supply innovative telecommunications solutions.

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