A closer look at why cloud tech should be a senior management priority

Remember the days when folks would gather around the table and talk with one another without one person reaching for their smartphone at some time during the conversation? While times such as these may still linger in the back of our minds today, being constantly tethered to IT is becoming more and more pervasive in American and global culture.

As such, some experts have argued that IT has become so fundamental to everyday activity that it has become akin to electricity: technology that is so widely available to virtually anyone that it cannot exactly be used as a means to drive competitive advantage.

However, in an effort to debunk this idea, Joe Weinman – the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing – recently wrote an article for Forbes Magazine that puts forth several methods in which cloud technology in particular can be deployed to generate innovation.

One of the foremost examples provided by Weinman is the idea of customer intimacy generated through the cloud. For example, customer-centric companies such as Amazon and Netflix utilize a cloud strategy that enables them not only to better understand their consumers through established behaviors, but use sophisticated algorithms to amalgamate millions of transactional and purchase data points to provide a more tailored service.

"Sure, the cloud can be mundane and tactical, easing the mechanics of running data centers or reducing costs," writes Weinman. "But more importantly, the cloud can be a source of competitive advantage through operational excellence, customer intimacy, product/service leadership, and accelerated innovation … What could be a higher priority for senior executives?"

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