A deeper look into cloud-enabled data backup, collaboration and syncing

The growing penetration of internal, hosted and hybrid cloud models have been met with mixed responses from the business community. While some critics have put forth that cloud technology presents security and reliability risks, many others have recognized that these potential pitfalls can be easily avoided and touted the cloud for its ability to alleviate employee burden by not having to implement and manipulate complex physical hardware.

Understanding the great utility that cloud computing can have – most notably with regard to small businesses in which time and fiscal savings are crucial – tech journalist Christina DesMarais recently wrote an article for Inc.com outlining several innovative and affordable cloud uses.

One of the most obvious is related to data backup. By partnering with an IT consulting firm, a business can design a specific cloud program in which data is automatically backed up to a cloud server so that employees never need to worry about redoing a project should a technical malfunction or severe weather incident create an outage at their facility.

Another innovative function laid out in the article is employee collaboration from remote locations. While brainstorming was traditionally done in a conference room where ideas could be jotted down on a whiteboard, increased staff mobility has made this task more challenging.

But, by outsourcing these ideas into the cloud, they can be accessed from geographically dispersed devices simultaneously and allow employees to outline concepts visually and maintain effective collaboration regardless of location.

Finally, cloud technology often enables remote data wiping so that if a mobile device containing sensitive data is lost, that information can be deleted to alleviate fears of a data breach.

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