A proper VoIP solution can be a ‘beautiful thing’

Every company needs to have a proper communication solution in order to be successful. Any business that cannot connect with its customers, employees and vendors has no chance of keeping its doors open. This is why many organizations have started to turn toward solutions like VoIP phone systems to make sure they have the best possible communication options available.

There are several factors that impact how well an internet-based phone system works, and these need to be known by businesses before investing. In a recent ABC 15 guest column, Ken Colburn looked at some of the hurdles to getting an inexpensive way to add features like integration of web resources, voice message to email or integrating an operating software.

The biggest one is the internet connection and bandwidth of the current network. Since VoIP works through the Web, a poor internet connection can be disastrous. Essentially, the phone line will be added to the same network that handles the internet for the company computers, video conferencing option and any personal services like Pandora that employees may use during the workday. This means companies need to examine how their network handles the current workload, what it can handle with the addition of VoIP and what flexibility there is for the future expansion.

"VOIP, when done right is a beautiful thing, but when it's done poorly or on a shaky internet connection, it can become a bit of a nightmare," Colburn wrote.

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in VoIP phone systems, any business can easily roll out an advanced telecommunication solution.

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