A closer look at why cloud tech should be a senior management priority

Some experts have argued that IT has become so fundamental to everyday activity that it has become akin to electricity: technology that is so widely available to virtually anyone that it cannot exactly be used as a means to drive competitive advantage.

How the Sisters of St. Francis improved network stability and security with a trusted IT partner

Understanding that the organization was failing to provide service because of holes in its technological infrastructure, officials reached out to a Columbus IT partner in order to provide a small network analysis and design a plan for improvement.

The benefits of broadband

Businesses in Ohio that have not developed broadband strategies would be well advised to partner with a Cincinatti IT partner.

Study finds significant percentage of callers will hang up when presented with voicemail

Small companies are faced with many difficulties that must be overcome if they are to successfully keep step with competitors that have larger budgets and more employees. One of the most notable of these problems has to do with customer service.

Study finds scientific proof of remote work benefits

Many business officials in Ohio have likely become at least somewhat attuned to what cloud computing is, and why it has been such a pressing topic in industry discourse.

Why unified communications make sense for growing businesses

It is important for organizations considering service providers to do their research and choose an organization that can provide both reliable and scalable options.

How Cuni, Rust and Strenk better protects its data with the support of Cincinnati IT consultants

For Cuni, Rust and Strenk (CRS) - an actuarial consulting firm based out of Cincinnati, Ohio - the company's dated technological processes were preventing the business from undertaking this necessity with optimal functionality.

Considering the options of VoIP deployment

It has become fairly well known in the corporate world that legacy-based phone systems simply are not evolving with the needs of the modern workplace.

How an IT partner with email solutions can protect a company in a dangerous digital landscape

Considering how integral data security is to any business' reputation and overall well being, it would be wise for Ohio-based corporate officials in any industry to address sources of malicious activity with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm.

Looking at the long term gains of VoIP implementation

It is important for businesses to understand that they must look past the fears of an initial investment and embrace all the time, energy and fiscal savings that VoIP provides in the long run.