Considering the options of VoIP deployment

It has become fairly well known in the corporate world that legacy-based phone systems simply are not evolving with the needs of the modern workplace.

How an IT partner with email solutions can protect a company in a dangerous digital landscape

Considering how integral data security is to any business' reputation and overall well being, it would be wise for Ohio-based corporate officials in any industry to address sources of malicious activity with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm.

Looking at the long term gains of VoIP implementation

It is important for businesses to understand that they must look past the fears of an initial investment and embrace all the time, energy and fiscal savings that VoIP provides in the long run.

How a network analysis allowed Ctek Tools & Machinery

For businesses in any industry, having a stable communications infrastructure is key.

Study determines knowledge workers could save $13,000/year with UC

When knowledge workers are forced to undertake various tasks through a disconnected network of processes, they lose valuable time and resources that could be used to propel their organization forward.

New study finds that many officials lack understanding in the cloud transition

According to a recent study undertaken by technology consulting firm Accenture, many officials in highly technical positions are having trouble undertaking the transition from traditional business models to those in the cloud.

How Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center overcame tech infrastructure obstacles

Healthcare practices across the country should be conducting technology audits to ensure that a dated infrastructure is not holding it back from growth and innovation.

Pro On Call and Toshiba offering free seminar on IP products in an IT world

Leading electronics manufacturer and distributor Toshiba has once again partnered with Pro On Call to provide a free seminar called "IP Products for an IT World."

A deeper look into cloud-enabled data backup, collaboration and syncing

Understanding the great utility that cloud computing can have - most notably with regard to small businesses in which time and fiscal savings are crucial - tech journalist Christina DesMarais recently wrote an article for outlining several innovative and affordable cloud uses.

How Curran & Whittington improved service with a VoIP system

Law firms need to have a flexible communications infrastructure. With so many competitors in an oversaturated market offering similar services, failing to achieve next level communications solutions will likely drive potential clients to other firms.