How VoIP presents enterprises with a competitive edge

The current marketplace puts the power in the hands of the customer. And in this landscape, it is those enterprises that are able to leverage next level customer service that thrive above the competition.

Finding cost-effective disaster preparedness solutions in the cloud

Although interest in this industry may be high, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, only 6 percent of overall IT budgets are being set aside to fund business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Study shows SMBs lacking in communications accessibility

It is necessary for small business officials to keep up with the latest consumer communications trends and ensure that a corporate representative can be easily reached through a wide variety of channels including the telephone and mediated channels such as email and social media.

A closer look at how VoIP is lowering communications costs

IP-based business phone systems also have the potential to afford business users with significantly reduced costs.

Interview with UC expert suggests steps to maximize return on tech investments

A recent study of small and medium sized enterprise officials found that companies that have fully transitioned to an IP-based communications infrastructure can save 43 percent annually when compared to companies using traditional business phone systems.

CompTIA study finds 93 percent of business officials frustrated with internal IT dept.

Corroborating a growing distance between modern initiatives and the skills needed to support them, a recent study conducted by nonprofit IT trade organization CompTIA found that IT professionals are having difficulty troubleshooting tech problems because they simply don't know how.

How UC platforms are integrating the hottest corporate trends

Many of the best providers of unified communications (UC) platforms are harnessing the utility of mobile and cloud technology and integrating them into a single cohesive business solution.

Using UC to engage remote employees in an asynchronous workplace

Today modern technology is creating an asynchronous workspace that has allowed staff members to work remotely and maintain high levels of productivity and collaboration on the move.

How VoIP is optimizing corporate operational efficiencies

With all the conveniences afforded through a unified platform such as a VoIP telephony system, a company's operational efficiency is maximized to the fullest.

New study finds VoIP to reduce costs, save time and increase productivity

Telephone & Data Systems Inc. recently released a white paper entitled "Find the value in business VoIP," that quantifies the bottom-line benefits that companies that have transitioned to IP-based communications can enjoy.