IBM study suggests using cloud tech for driving business model innovation

The survey indicates that cloud usage is oftentimes being left to the discretion of an IT department rather than being a primary focus at the corporate level.

How VoIP can make a company look Fortune 500 with startup personnel

One of the most pressing issues for small business officials to address is how to inflate the perceived magnitude of a business operation without growing operational costs.

Why VoIP makes sense to convey corporate professionalism

While new applications are constantly coming out affording the same processing capabilities on a mobile device as traditional corporate networks, most companies still consider a business phone system necessary to convey an appropriate sense of professionalism.

How unified communications enables businesses to turn time into money

Many business officials have begun to invest in unified communications platforms to bring owners, employees, suppliers and consumers closer together, facilitating easier-to-use and more meaningful communications channels.

Untangling the complexities of traditional phone systems with VoIP solutions

Shifting business communications to a VoIP system is solving a huge assortment of problems that existed with traditional phone systems.

New survey finds unified communications save companies money

A recent survey gauging the usefulness of IP-based technology such as VoIP and unified communications found that upgrading to these systems will save a business money as well as provide other benefits.

Improving productivity with unified communication solutions

Officials in Ohio seeking to refine their business processes through unified communications solutions could do so by hiring the services of a Columbus phone service that provides 24/7 service and support.

The benefits of utilizing an IT partner's mobile security options

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Deploying a Columbus IT partner to assess whether ESN is a good business investment

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Addressing Google's new privacy policy by partnering with a Columbus IT service

Ohio companies seeking added safeguards from Google's new privacy policy would benefit from deploying the services of a Columbus IT partner that can provide network security services.