Build a Foundation for Your Business with Managed IT Services

How do you react when you think of IT? Does your blood pressure rise? Do you groan in irritation? Or are you just indifferent? If any of these ring true, there’s something wrong with the relationship you have with your IT provider. Or more accurately, there’s likely a deficiency or two in the way your current provider handles your service.

When asked, employees surveyed report up to 45% of their time spent using technology is ultimately wasted because it does not work the way they need it to.

Just as you have high expectations from all your employees, you should hold your IT support provider to the same level – even higher. It is your work, your data – your technology – that allows your business to continually push forward each day. Most businesses would be lost without reliable, readily available IT support.

This is why top-level managed IT services exist. In today’s rapidly changing digital business world, you cannot afford to be without it.

The essence of managed IT services

With managed IT services, you’re getting the assurance from a qualified third-party IT support organization that they will administer and maintain all covered technology within your business. In exchange, you agree to pay them a flat or near-fixed monthly fee.

At PRO OnCall, we offer our clients two different types of managed IT services to deliver support in the way that works best for them:

  • Encompass – Our service desk-based managed IT plan. If you have any issues or problems, you can instantly contact our service desk. For an additional fee, our technicians will travel to your location to address on-site issues.
  • Unity – All the benefits of Encompass, plus much more. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll have universal access to our help desk and your network will be remotely monitored all day, every day. In addition, on-site visits are included in your plan.

As you settle into the managed IT services plan that’s right for you, you’ll likely find your IT frustrations quickly vanishing and your focus returning to what’s important – your business.  

You, your people, your company – deserve the best IT support available

Escaping the trials and tribulations of average or substandard IT support can make a huge difference in a company’s productivity. Not only is management and staff relieved of the burden to address and work around IT problems, but work is easier when things just work.

Any time you have a need, you can call PRO OnCall, and speak with one of our technical support specialists. We don’t outsource our service desk to other countries. And there’s a very good reason for that – it’s of the utmost importance that we control the quality of service you receive, and we can do that best locally. 

Plus, it statistically makes sense: nearly 50% of employers who outsource say the poor service quality of their IT providers, coupled with a reactive-vs.-proactive attitude, is the most frustrating issue to deal with.

All calls are answered in Australia and addressed by Australian-based team members – supporting your laptops, desktops, servers, network resources, and cloud-based services.

IT support is part of the cost of doing business, but efficient, hassle-free IT support is priceless. That’s the value PRO OnCall offers to all clients.   

Here’s what you should expect from managed IT services

It’s safe to say everyone has a different definition of what “managed IT services” should include. Some offer a lot, some offer very little. At PRO OnCall, we give you what you need and expect.

Whatever your needs and expectations, we can offer:

  • Round-the-clock IT support
  • Service-level agreements with guaranteed response times
  • Unlimited service desks with 100% Australian staffing
  • On-site visits as needed
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring
  • All for a flat, monthly service fee

If this is not what you’re receiving from your current IT support provider, it’s time to consider the potential in migrating your support to a managed IT services organization.

Eliminate your IT worries with PRO OnCall

Having iron-clad IT support you know will handle any issue coming your way is a relief. But having your managed IT support provider who offers you the right IT solutions to prosper and grow – that’s invaluable.

In addition to managing and maintaining your IT, PRO OnCall can provide you with rock-solid data backup and disaster recovery options, as well as ensure your data and network are as updated and secure as possible. Give us a ring, and we’ll discuss all the ways partnering with  PRO OnCall for your managed IT services can raise your expectations of IT.