Business communication evolves with technologic innovation

Business communication is the backbone of a successful company model. The open collaboration of ideas and information can improve productivity and keep the workforce focused. Smartphones and tablets have made mobile data sharing easier and integrated options like VoIP or unified communication systems are keeping every employee on the same page.

One feature that all of these options share is the ability to share data instantly. As social media has grown in popularity, users are finding themselves saturated with news and information as it breaks.

At no point has this been on bigger display than during the 64th Emmy Awards when word that comedian Tracy Morgan had passed out on stage spread like wildfire across the Internet. Twitter was filled with updates from celebrities and laypeople alike about the incident and “OMG Tracy Morgan” became a trending topic worldwide.

The moment, however, was staged by host Jimmy Kimmel, who had been promising a prank on the social media site all week on his late night talk show. Halfway through the show, Kimmel had Morgan join him on stage, lay down and encouraged everyone watching and in attendance to tweet the comedian had passed and everyone should turn to ABC – the network broadcasting the awards. To further the gag, Morgan remained on the ground for over 10 minutes, even while trophies were being handed out.

Fred Graver, the creative director for Twitter’s TV Partners, considered the move to be successful on the social media sites “Twitter TV” handle and reported that when Kimmel asked for it, 25,000 people tweeted – instantly.

While a spike like this is unheard of for a business using an internal communication system, it does show how fast information travels in today’s world. Having a setup that can answer this demand can do wonders for productivity and employee morale. Organizations in Ohio that are interested in upgrading their communication system would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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