Business communication to continue evolving in 2013

As 2012 comes to a close, all eyes are on 2013 and what the future might hold. The increased functionality of mobile devices, growing use of cloud technology and innovations to business communication tools and systems have put organizations of any size into the digital age.

Now, as the calendar gets ready to change, businesses are ready to find out which tech trends they need to ready to implement in the coming year.

A recent article from The Daily Beast makes some bold predictions about tech trends that could start in 2013 along with the likelihood of them happening. One of the topics that the piece speculates on is the end of email.

“Could this be it?,” the article reads. “With social media and real-time communication systems replacing email and phones in our daily lives, a major company or organization will move entirely off email-based systems in favor of a chatlike product for keeping in touch with employees. This will inspire others to follow, and the beginning of the end of email will be heralded by futurists and Gen Y alike.”

This doesn’t mean that email is dead. The authors only give this a 50/50 chance of actually happening and even then it does, it would just be the beginning of this trend. Email solutions are a far too important tool to be phased out of a business communication system overnight.

What this does show is that how companies stay connected – with their clients, vendors and employees – is evolving. Systems like VoIP or unified communication are becoming mainstays and IT consulting firms can help any organization implement these new solutions.

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