Business require IT security discussions with every decision

Technology and business efficiency are becoming more intertwined with every new innovation. As the influence of the digital age continues to grow, the security concerns that go along with it also gain footing in the corporate world.

IT industry blog That VAR Guy features a new post from Elliot Markowitz that examines the role security plays in every company IT decision. Regardless of which other tools – cloud services, mobile device integration or social media for example – may be on the table, network security is also in the discussion.

"Security is the underlying IT spending concern across all corporations, regardless of size and industry. And that is not going to change anytime soon," wrote Markowitz.

He also interview Carlson CIO Steve Brown, who said that no business is ever 100 percent secure for long. IT security is an ongoing project that requires constant maintenance and has no end.

In a recent Search IT Channel article, Heather Clancy examined the opportunities for solution providers to offer their networking security expertise. She mentioned that while many businesses understand general threats, they don't grasp the affect they could have their specific organization.

In the piece she interviews a number of industry insiders who also offered their insight. Security advocate Michael Farnum is quoted in the source saying he believes IT departments see the issue but the business and decision making side still needs to be clued in.

Businesses in Ohio that are concerned about their network security services should consider partnering with an IT consulting firm.

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