BYOD policies bring additional security concerns to businesses

Bring your own device (BYOD) strategies are being implemented by many businesses as a way to increase productivity while lowering costs for employees. There are a number of security concerns that go along with these strategies that many companies are not protecting themselves against. Any form of network breach could derail an enterprise that has not strengthened their IT infrastructure and educated employees on security concerns.

IT risk and compliance services company Coalfire released the results of a survey that found many businesses have a ways to go before security concerns are completely handled. The survey polled 400 non-IT workers to determine how ready business’ mobile security plans are.

The poll found that smartphones are used for both work and personal functions by 84 percent of respondents, however only 37 percent of companies have a specific mobile device policy. Also, 49 percent said their IT departments had never spoken to them about mobile security.

BYOD solutions also bring concern that a device that contains confidential of business critical data could be lost. According to the survey, 56 percent of respondents do not know whether to talk to the phone provider or their company if a device can’t be located.

ITWorld has a recent article that discussed common IT mistakes and mentioned that human involvement can be the simplest way for hackers to take advantage of. Even the most secure network can be hacked if a user falls victim to a social engineering attack over the phone.

Businesses in Ohio that are interested in implement a BYOD strategy  would should consider partnering with an IT consulting firm.

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