Improve Customer Service

How You Can Improve Customer Service by Going Mobile

To most consumers, the thought of dealing with a company’s customer service personnel (or lack thereof) is enough to at least induce stress, if not completely change their purchasing habits. Customer service is often a spider web of automated responses and transferred calls that may or may not lead a customer to the help they’re looking for. Companies with stellar customer service are likely to leave their competition in the dust, which is why it’s crucial for your business to prioritize building and maintaining relationships with customers with the help of modern technology.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and treating clients well will inevitably bring in more customers. That said, great customer service in the 21st Century requires innovation and around-the-clock dedication. In short, it requires going mobile.

Mobility to Improve Customer Service

Going mobile isn’t just a buzzword or the act of incorporating mobile devices into the workplace; going mobile with customer service is a philosophy that prioritizes putting customers in touch with service providers whenever the need arises. Traditional customer service is limited by time and location, but mobile customer service can eliminate hours spent playing phone tag and empower customers to seek the help they need, even when there’s no one in the office to answer their call.

Going mobile with customer service allows customers to initiate interactions whenever they want, but good customer service with a mobile philosophy is at its best when customer service professionals are proactive and take the initiative. One excellent tactic is to follow up with recent customers outside of business hours to follow up on their level of satisfaction without disrupting their workday. Actions like this are easier for all parties involved when your business is mobile.

Social Media and Mobile Devices

A mobile approach to customer service is also the most effective way of dealing with crises or disgruntled customers outside of regular work hours, especially when social media is involved. As social media matures, it increasingly centers around mobile devices. In 2015, roughly 80% of Twitter’s active users were mobile, and that number rises every day. It only makes sense that customer service, especially on social networks, should also be mobile. The employees in charge of your business’s social media accounts may not always be in front of a desktop computer, but they’ll almost always have their phone in their pocket.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Going mobile is more than a strategy for addressing your business’s needs today; it’s an essential part of being prepared for the future. As more and more companies across a wide variety of industries embrace mobile technology and the digital landscape, it is becoming difficult for businesses that find themselves at a technological disadvantage to compete. When products or services offered are comparable, customers are going to veer towards the business with the most accessible customer service representatives, the most intuitive website designs, and the fastest response times. A properly implemented mobile strategy will help ensure that your business remains competitive in the digital arms race.

Your business can revolutionize its customer service, among other things, by properly implementing a mobile strategy. At Pro OnCall Technologies, our top priority is equipping you and your employees with the tools you need to ride the wave of technology into the future.