A deeper look into cloud-enabled data backup, collaboration and syncing

Understanding the great utility that cloud computing can have - most notably with regard to small businesses in which time and fiscal savings are crucial - tech journalist Christina DesMarais recently wrote an article for Inc.com outlining several innovative and affordable cloud uses.

Tech blog suggests cloud platforms even more useful for small businesses

Weblog ReadWriteWeb recently published an article suggesting that utilizing cloud platforms for corporate data management may be even more meaningful for small businesses.

Finding cost-effective disaster preparedness solutions in the cloud

Although interest in this industry may be high, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, only 6 percent of overall IT budgets are being set aside to fund business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

IBM study suggests using cloud tech for driving business model innovation

The survey indicates that cloud usage is oftentimes being left to the discretion of an IT department rather than being a primary focus at the corporate level.

How the cloud provides businesses with enhanced protection from hackers

Considering these enhanced security protocols provided by the best cloud computing companies, business officials looking to reap the benefits of cloud technology without fear of privacy breaches would be well-advised to consult with a Columbus data services provider.

Improving energy efficiency by empowering employees to telecommute

Businesses looking to optimize their energy costs would be well advised from consulting with a Columbus data services provider to catalyze a cloud network, enabling employees to telecommute and ultimately generating increased savings.