Cloud changing IT outsourcing practices

In the IT world, cloud computing has become a major topic of conversation when it comes to the backbone of technology infrastructure. The system has many benefits, which has caused it to become a pillar of many organization's IT platforms. However, the cloud has specific challenges that organizations can struggle to overcome without a helping hand.

According to a recent article from Cloud Tweaks, the power of cloud computing is changing the face of IT outsourcing. The platform is one that can be used by organizations of all sizes to provide the best breed of solutions available on the market. However, it is also increasing the need for specialized solution providers.

Larger IT outsourcing partners are often looked at as "jacks of all trade, master of none" and while that may have worked in previous eras, it does little for businesses that are looking for a partner with a specific expertise.

"This shift will allow smaller, more focused companies to win their share of the outsourcing business," the article reads. "The customer will benefit by working with specialists in each area to fulfill their needs rather than settling for the bigger, often less skilled, single source solution."

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in cloud consulting services, any organization can gain the platform specific knowledge that is required to use the cloud successfully. This allows organizations to overcome the challenges of a cloud implementation quickly and lets companies take advantage of the benefits right out of the gate.