Cloud computing continues to grow in corporate sector

Cloud computing has become a topic of discussion in IT departments all across the country. As the technology evolves and is used in more solutions, having the right management protocols in place to handle the systems is becoming a more crucial requirement.

This point was reiterated in a recent Hispanic Business article that covered the future of cloud computing. In the piece, several IT executives, service providers and university professors were interviewed and a common thread emerged – businesses and educators need to rethink training when it comes to the next generation of IT and cloud professionals.

"Cloud [computing] now is undergoing a major shift and it's going to change the landscape substantially," Steve Fey, a tech expert with 35 years of experience, told the news source.

He went on to say that the days of servers in a closet or basement and software loaded into individual machines are long gone. The goal is to take everything that was traditionally in a server room, move it into the cloud and install it virtually.

You can see the shift happening. A recent CDW survey found that 39 percent of organizations are implementing or maintaining a cloud system in 2012, which is up from 28 percent from 2011.

There is another option that companies can turn to. Instead of trying to hire the right professionals and keep them educated, companies can partner with an experienced IT consulting firm that can implement a cloud solution and help manage it. This will ensure an organization is always on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

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