Cloud computing helps keep companies running

For any company, if your computer system stops working, it can be devastating. No access to email, company files and other important information can lead many businesses to shut their doors permanently. While many organizations in the U.S. typically only face this challenge after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, other parts of the world deal with it much more frequently.

A recent Agence France Presse examined a situation in Moscow, where the Russian police have raided the offices of small businesses and seized equipment. It is a growing fear for Russian entrepreneurs that at any moment, the door could be kicked in and in the blink of an eye everything they have been working for is gone.

"You can imagine how much of a problem it was. We had no backups," said the owner of a trading business that has experienced one of these raids and asked not to be named. "We didn't get anything done for a week as all of our files were gone and we had no e-mail."

However, through the cloud, many of these companies are starting to find relief. Even if the government was to storm in and remove all of the company computers, with a cloud-based email and storage system, all executives would need is a new computer and an internet connection to pick up right where they left off.

Whether it is because of a whether incident like Sandy, government intrusion or a number of other possible scenarios, having a cloud computing system in place can be the smartest way to ensure company data can always be accessed quickly when needed.

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