Cloud computing impacting IT professional career paths

When it comes to the cloud, the argument can be made that it is one of the most important IT solutions currently on the market. So much so that a recent article from Search CIO-Midmarket claims that it could have a major impact on the career paths of many businesses.

The idea comes as the result of a study of 1,711 IT professionals in North America. The main takeaway is that the cloud will make a huge difference to IT workers and IT infrastructures over the next few years.

According to Ken Yawfimetz, an IT manager for a large government agency and a respondent to the survey, the increase in big data and real-time information is helping push this adoption. In 2014 the focus will be on creating "Data-as-a-Service" that can present complex information in easy to digest bits.

"The exciting part of our focus next year is the move away from keeping the lights on to delivering reports and data upon request and having a one-stop shop for their data needs," said Yawfimetz.

He added that this "ability to add value" for self-service analytics will boost productivity and add a new level to any company's operation.

This shows that many organizations are starting to gain a knowledge base on what the cloud is and how it can be beneficial. However, there is still more to know and with the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in cloud computing services, any company can easily deploy these solutions.