Cloud computing the ‘great disruptive technology’ of our time

Cloud computing technology has evolved and become one of the more important infrastructure developments of the last few years. One article from CIO, which attempted to forecast what 2014 could have in store for cloud computing, calls it the "great disruptive technology" of our time.

The piece spoke with several different industry experts, and the takeaway is that with other technology solutions like mobility, machine-to-machine connectivity and big data analytics making bigger strides, backing them with the cloud provides the greatest chance for success. 

The article features an interview with David Small, the chief platform officer of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and he spoke about the impact of a changing IT department.

"We are experiencing the democratization of enterprise technology," Small said. "Mirroring what has happened in consumer technology, enterprise technology users look for services to be delivered on demand, to a time and place of their choosing and in the way that they want. In 2014, enterprise success will be measured by how well organizations are able to use technology to meet user expectations and harness individual innovation."

This all means that more pressure will be on IT decision-makers when it comes to technology deployments. With these solutions affecting more than just the tech department, the pressure to have effective solutions grows.

With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in cloud consulting services, any organization can gain a hand when it comes to deploying these technologies successfully and integrating them with legacy systems for the most effective infrastructure possible.