Cloud, mobile adoption, increasing steadily in the years ahead

Two of the biggest trends in the business world are mobility and cloud computing. While taking different paths to becoming a standard business solution in this new day and age, many organizations have embraced both systems as they play well off each other and create a new business platform.

According to a report from AMI-Partners, investment in these two areas from mid-market segments will increase from 30 percent in 2013 to over 45 percent over the next five years. A lot of this increase is going to be driven by the tablet market, which will experience up to 50 percent growth by 2015.

"Mobility-related investments have emerged as fast-growing areas in terms of adoption and investments, driven by the spiraling rise in tablet and smartphone shipments and increase in data plan," Dev Chakravarty, Research Manager at AMI India, told the news source.

He added that currently, smartphones and tablets combined have outpaced the sale of PCs. Traditional systems only made up 45 percent of global hardware shipping numbers. The forecast predicts that this shift will continue to grow and mobile devices will own 70 percent of the market in the years to come.

Aside from the functionality of mobile devices, this is also being pushed by the increase in organizations that are deploying the cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. Bring-your-own-device strategies have also accelerated the change, as the cloud can help optimize any mobile devices brought into the office.

Businesses can partner with cloud consulting services as a way to successfully implement these solutions.