Cloud needs traditional infrastructure to succeed

Cloud computing is a simple concept that is complex in execution. The idea of data and content being stored in a digital format makes sense, but now try to think deeper about the steps involved when it comes to deploying a system for an enterprise and incorporating the traditional systems that are already in place.

The cloud is more than a replacement system for traditional solutions, it is something that needs to be paired with the original infrastructure to create the optimal set-up. 

A recent article from InfoWorld examined how smart businesses are handling their cloud deployments. One of the first steps is to ensure IT departments have the talent to manage a new infrastructure and, if not, bring in someone who can. However, many enterprise decision makers are looking for more than just someone with solid cloud skills. Instead, they are searching for a well-rounded individual that not only knows the latest innovation, but also understands how traditional database and networking come together with the cloud.

"People who build and migrate infrastructure, such as storage and compute services, need that same IT knowledge," the article reads. "Ditto for those who extend existing enterprise security and management to the cloud and for those who deal with the changing paths of business continuity approaches and technology."

Not every business is capable of finding and hiring a specific cloud professional. Instead, many of them are turning toward IT consulting firms that specialize in the cloud to ensure the solution is optimized.

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