Cloud systems have large presence at Apple’s WWDC

Currently, the cloud is one of the hottest topics and innovations in the IT world. Companies of all sizes are starting to shift more critical business procedures into the digital platform and are finding success. The cloud is also becoming a bigger push for solution providers and this was seen on Monday during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote (WWDC) address.

Among the operating systems, hardware upgrades and product teases at WWDC, the company also announced several updates to its iCloud service. There were two main features, however, that stood out.

The first was the creation of a cloud-based version of iWork, Apple's productivity business suite. Users can now access documents, spreadsheets and keynotes on all devices easily with drag and drop sharing. It is much easier to start a project on a computer, edit it on a tablet and present it.

The second is the creation of iCloud Keychain. Equipped with an 256-bit AES encryption, the program will remember and safely store website login details, credit card information and WiFi network data. This was done as a response to worries the cloud is unsafe.

While these solutions will work well for individual users, it is a little hard to adopt them to the corporate landscape. This is why businesses need to start looking into more substantial cloud solutions. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specialized in these kinds of systems at the business level, any organization can roll out a proper corporate cloud practice.

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