Cloud, VoIP solutions help business go mobile

For many business professionals, using a mobile device to accomplish certain tasks like email is a common occurrence. Some take it a step further and through mobile applications have moved business critical operations onto smartphones and tablets. But what about handling every aspect of a company that way. Is it possible? One executive found out it is.

In a recent CITEWorld interview, Benjamin Robbins – the co​-founder of software consulting firm Palador – spoke about his experience in working only from a smartphone for one year. No computer or tablet, just a Samsung Galaxy Note. To see how well it worked, you can look to the fact that with the experiment now over, he has no intentions of picking up a computer again.

By being completely mobile, with the help of cloud services and VoIP phone systems, Robbins said he was able to sever all ties to a physical desk and eliminated the "I'll get back to you when I get back to office" comment from his lexicon. Response time sped up and excuses for lax communication were tossed out. 

There were some major challenges, specifically file sharing. Cloud systems like Dropbox become invaluable tools. However, he did need to shift his thinking.

"Because I was thinking mobile, I had a strategy for that," said Robbins. "But if you're not, if you're just storing files on file systems and network shares – doing what people have been doing for last 20 years – there's a shift there. The file system is a challenge."

As business tools like cloud solutions and VoIP phone systems move to a more mobile format, unplugging from the desk is easier than ever. With the help of an IT consulting firm that has experience with these platform, any company can get a hand with this shift.

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