Complexity causing confusion with cloud adoption rates

With any new technology, there is a fair amount of caution that many companies have to have to make sure they are able to successfully implement the innovation. Take cloud computing for example. There are plenty of ways that the solution can be deployed and business operations that it can handle, but doing so successfully can be tricky.

Many companies consider cloud service contracts too complex and feel like they are not able to fully understand the benefits and risks that accompany the solution. At least that is the feeling that Neelie Kroes, Europe's digital agenda commissioner, expressed in a recent blog post. She mentioned that many company decision-makers are buying into cloud systems without fully understanding them.

"One of the big barriers to using cloud computing is a lack of trust. I think you should be able to know what you're getting and what it means — and it should be easy to ensure that the terms in your contract are reasonably: open, transparent, safe and fair. Even if you don't have a law degree," she said.

The commission is trying to address this by implementing a boilerplate contract, which businesses can use when they are considering investing in the cloud. It would contain "sensible, plain language" and spell out all the steps in the solution.

Any new technology system brings with it complexity and a learning curve. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in the solution, a business can be sure it knows exactly what it is investing in and how to manage it.

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