CompTIA study finds 93 percent of business officials frustrated with internal IT dept.

In former years, in-house IT staff provided crucial support to all the different branches of an organization to ensure that end users got all the value possible out of a business' technology investments.

However, with advances in corporate technology recently – for example, the introduction of unified communications solutions that incorporate innovative mobile and cloud storage functions – it seems that IT departments across the country are having trouble keeping up with the evolution of their skill set.

Corroborating a growing distance between modern initiatives and the skills needed to support them, a recent study conducted by nonprofit IT trade organization CompTIA found that IT professionals are having difficulty troubleshooting tech problems because they simply don't know how.

Entitled "State of the IT Skills Gap," 93 percent of the business and IT managers surveyed stated that there was a gap between the skills actually demonstrated by their IT department and the skills that managers want these individuals to be possessing. In fact, only 56 percent of respondents said that their IT specialists were "moderately close" to where they needed to be skill-wise.

"There are so many new variables entered into the equation today – cloud computing, mobility, the trend towards bringing your own device, video conferencing," Tim Herbert, vice president of research at CompTIA, said in an article for Wired Enterprise. "When you add those in, there is definitely concern that IT staff is still catching up."

In order to address this issue, business officials need to realize that a full department of in-house IT professionals is no longer necessary. With a wide variety of managed IT support services, virtually all modern technological implementation and training initiatives can be outsourced to experienced third-party consultants.

Consequently, businesses in Ohio experiencing problems with gaps in employee knowledge can turn to a Cincinnati IT support firm for ongoing support as well as round the clock availability for service and consultation.

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