Despite international downward trend, North American network and content spending up

The recent Flame malware that is running rampant on Microsoft's Windows operating system is just one in a long line of never-ending system risks that is keeping network security services in the front of many businesses minds.

A new study released by Infonetics Research, an international global communications market research and consulting firm, examined the first quarter spending and added forecasts in the field of network and content security.

"The network and content security product markets were sluggish across the globe in the first quarter of the year, as usual, with one exception: North American content security spending ticked up a bit," says Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research.

Overall the market was down over the last two quarters hitting $733.7 million, but as North America showed, growth potential is there. Wilson went on to explain that for the rest of the year, they expect an upward trend to continue. The growth will be attributed to major vendors adding hosting services to the products they already offer, and depend on how customers sort out their long-term strategies that blend hardware, software and hosted services.

Infonetics researchers expect content security revenue to grow to $3.7 billion annually by 2016. The continued inclusion of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the workplace is a key contributor to the growing security concerns among businesses constantly looking to reassess how secure their infrastructure is from malware.

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