Disaster recovery a top resolution for SMBs in the new year

As many of us plan out our New Year’s Eve celebrations and try to figure out what our resolutions will be for the 2013 – lose weight, quit smoking, go to more live sporting events – many businesses will find themselves doing the same. Every company needs to set goals and this personal tradition is a great way for organizations to do that.

The changing of the calendar is typically a time of reflection and prediction. Examining how well the company performed the previous year and deciding on potential investment opportunities in the future.

In a recent article from PC Mag, Samara Lynn, laid out a series of business tech resolutions for 2013, while also looking back at 2012. Many of the resolutions revolve around new technologies or innovations. However, there one suggestion that stands out – disaster recovery.

Ensuring company data is not only secure but protected in the case of an emergency can be the difference between a business succeeding or not. This was seen in spades this year during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The storm caused many businesses to close their doors for extended periods of time and in some cases brought down their physical walls.

However, organizations that had proper backup plans with cloud services and alternative datacenter locations became critical to restoring operations. In some instances, business did not even miss a beat.

“Learn from the experiences of other businesses and organization,” wrote Lynn. “Let 2013 be the year you get that disaster recovery plan into place. If you already have one, ensure that it’s up to date and ready to deal with the most likely disaster scenarios for your location.”

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