Dispelling some of the popular cloud myths

One of the more interesting aspects to any new technology innovation is wild speculation about how it can help you. From a business standpoint, this means figuring out what ways a company can benefit from adding something like mobile devices or cloud technology. Unfortunately, this can also lead to rumors and myths effecting the decision-making process.

A recent white paper released by HP Solutions tackles several popular misconceptions about the cloud that have kept companies from adopting the technology.

"Many businesses have found great ways to utilize a cloud model. Now, they're able to be more agile, grow faster and even add to their business resiliency," Bill Kleyman, one of the authors of the report wrote. "Still, there are those that have never really worked with an enterprise cloud model and are held back by myths and confusion points around the technology."

The cloud is a vast, diverse, model which can accommodate many different types of organizations. Whether it's a private, public, hybrid or community cloud – there is a fit for any company. Because of this, the belief that there is only one way to do the cloud, all security is created equal or that certain methods are more effective than others are fallacies.

The white paper also mentions that while baby steps in virtualization is not the only way to implement the cloud. Furthermore, any system from simple operations like email to business critical applications can be moved into the cloud at whatever pace company decision-makers choose.

Any company, whether they are familiar with the cloud or not, would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm that understands the true power of the technology to make sure it is implemented successfully.

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