Dispelling some popular VoIP myths

As with any new and still evolving technology, there are a number of different rumors that are sure to come up in the public and business sectors. While most companies will do their due diligence and investigate a system regardless of what the hype machine says, there are always decision-makers that will shy away because of an untruth.

A recent white paper released by telecommunication provider 8×8, Inc. examined some of the more popular myths that are affecting the adoption of VoIP phone systems.

"Are common myths about switching your business phone service to hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) holding back your business?," the report reads. "As voice, video, and data networks meld into a single user experience, solutions that integrate phone service, unified messaging, voicemail, audio and video capabilities, rich-media conferencing, and mobility solutions are in high demand."

The report focuses on three myths: VoIP is a consumer solution, it's cheaper to stick with an older system until it dies and we just use cell phones.

The consumer topic comes up frequently because most people experience VoIP through systems like FaceTime and Skype. However, the technology has made numerous strides to offer improved call quality and offer cheaper rates, especially with a business-quality solution.

While it may be cheaper not to invest in a new solution if the current one works, it is also cheaper to walk 10 miles to dinner instead of driving. An updated communication solution can improve communication and productivity across the board.

As far as cell phones go, sure they are an important tool for business, but they can not do everything and if you want to tie together a number of different systems into a unified communication solution, VoIP is where it starts.

By partnering with an IT consultant that is familiar with the ins and outs of a business VoIP phone system, any company can invest smartly and improve its communication options.

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