EMC wins second straight disaster recovery award

There is nothing worse than writing a document on a computer only for the system to crash and everything to be gone because you forgot to save. It is something we have all done at some point. Now imagine you forgot to save all your company’s digital data and the power goes out. If you do not have a solid disaster recovery plan in place, trouble could be on the horizon.

Earlier this month, V3 – a virtual desktop provider – announced the winners in its third annual Technology Awards. The event features categories in the mobile, software, security and cloud among other, more interesting awards like movers and shakers and industry heroes.

One of the winners was EMC who took home the award in the disaster recovery/business continuity company category. Following the event, Rosalie Marshall of V3 caught up with EMC product marketing director Kelly Brown to discuss the current state of backup recovery systems and where the industry may be heading.

According to Brown, EMC’s presence in the market and being known as a technology provider that is driving transformation has helped them win this award for the second year in a row.

“The challenge for us is status quo as customers clamp down budgets in time of economic difficulty,” said Brown. “There’s an expectation that the backup team can just keep making their old technology work, in spite of the fact that business needs in terms of recovery times and granularity just aren’t met with legacy backup approaches.”

As more information is pushed into the virtual world, it becomes more important for businesses to ensure they are doing everything they can to keep it safe. With business critical information all in one digital place, a miscue there could essentially shut down a company. That’s why partnering with an IT consulting firm that offers a trusted recovery system like EMC can become a go to provider.

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