End user expectations growing in technology circles

When any technology department considers a deployment of new services or devices, they must first consider what their end users know and expect from a new IT solution. Traditionally, tech professionals dominated this knowledge base and regular employees just followed suit. However, as consumer technology has taken off, end users are starting to catch up and demand more.

A recent article from CIO examined this situation through the lens of cloud computing. The U.S. government is planning on following suit with the private sector and adopting a cloud infrastructure and adding services and applications that are user friendly and effective.

The challenge here is magnified by the fact that the government is late to the party and the users — its employees — are more well versed in the solution.

"Customer expectations are higher now," Shawn Kingsberry, CIO of the Recovery, Accountability and Transparency Board, told the news source. "Everyone's so mobile, and at home they do so many things and have access to so much information, the expectations in the office are even higher when you look at the services that have to be delivered."

This is adding more pressure to IT departments and decision makers to come through and deliver a solution that meets these higher expectations. For companies that are just starting to get into the cloud, this can be a monumental challenge.

This is were cloud consulting services come into play and can help businesses of any size successfully deploy this infrastructure and match the expectations that employees have.