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Using Enterprise Mobility on Your Next Vacation

For hardworking managers, going on a planned vacation isn’t necessarily an escape from the stress and responsibility of the workplace. Unfinished assignments and worries can carve out a place in the corner of your mind and nag at you as you try to enjoy a day at the beach, an evening in the mountains, or a relaxing meal with family. Some dedicated employees resign themselves to the idea that true relaxation just isn’t compatible with a successful career, but modern technology is doing away with such concerns.

Enterprise mobility is the idea that work isn’t purely for the office, but can be folded into everyday life in a way that makes the most of time spent outside the office without becoming too intrusive. With a few simple technological solutions, you and your employees can be effective whether you’re in the office or at a ski resort.

Enterprise Mobility Is Good for Morale

Spending time in the office is always necessary, but effective enterprise mobility means that you and your employees don’t have to swallow the regular five-day grind. Take advantage of the trend of employees using personal devices for work purposes and allow for increased remote access so employees can spend one day a week working from home, a local coffee shop, or any other favorite hangouts. Video conferencing and instant messaging can be as effortless as walking down the hall to a conference room, and spending more time outside of the office is a great way to keep employees from burning out during the long, difficult stretches of the year.

Likewise, as a manager you don’t need to constantly be in the office to effectively communicate with your employees. You can take that trip you’ve been craving or spend a day working from your house without worrying about how you’ll convey information to your employees.

Enterprise Mobility Isn’t Intrusive

Everyone dreads being dragged away from the most important or relaxing moments of his or her personal life because of a crisis or opportunity at work. Enterprise mobility is the perfect way to keep tabs on the office and manage situations when they arise without derailing your home life. Instead of an annoying phone call, simply return an IM. Instead of spending the entire vacation in the hotel office while your family is at the beach, return an email or two while lounging under an umbrella and take solace in knowing that the office isn’t burning down without you.

Enterprise Mobility Helps Your Business Grow

If your business is really taking off and you’re worried about growing pains, enterprise mobility is a great way to help make the transition. The same technology that can allow employees to take remote days can also be used to integrate new offices and take on freelance or fully remote employees with minimal complications. In the 21st Century, businesses can’t rely on what happens in the confines of a brick and mortar office to be successful – real success hinges upon innovation and acceptance of rapidly advancing technology. Enterprise mobility is an essential part of preparing your business for the future and creating a productive environment with happy and healthy employees.

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