Even in a blizzard, cloud technology keeps businesses running

Boston, Massachusetts, is a major metropolitan area and an important hub for a number of businesses. Today, however, it looks as quiet as many residents have ever seen it because of Winter Storm Nemo. It currently stretches from New Jersey to Maine and is dropping anywhere from one to three feet of snow over the next 24 to 36 hours with hurricane force winds.

At 3:30 p.m., public transit will get shut down. That will be followed by a 4 p.m. non-essential vehicle traffic ban for all the roads in the state of Massachusetts that was put in effect by Governor Deval Patrick. This is being called a historic storm that could be in the top five of the record book that was started back in the 1880s.

While it seems as though the city may be hibernating and business has come to a stop, that is not quite the case. While some business have shut the doors and are losing the revenue that would be created if they were open, others are operating as if its a sunny day thanks to the use of cloud-based technology.

Just because employees are not able to physically make it to the office, doesn’t mean they can’t log into a cloud-based system, access a virtual desktop and work from their living room in pajamas the same way they would at their desk in a suit.

Many solutions like VoIP phone systems and email have cloud-capabilities that are easier to implement and, by partnering with an IT consultant, businesses can create more complex solutions. With that experience as a resource, businesses can ensure even a historic blizzard is not enough to stop work flow.

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