Facebook adds VoIP to main iOS application

One of the most interesting stories in the VoIP market over the last few weeks has been the incorporation of the technology into the latest version of Facebook's messenger application. Now, the company has taken another step towards introducing the service to its users.

Back in January, Facebook started beta testing in an update to the app in Canada. A few weeks later it released the upgrade in the United States. Now, the company has taken the next step and added the feature to its main iOS application as part of an update it received last week.

Just as in the messenger app, voice calling within Facebook for iOS can be accessed by touching on a friends name in the chat menu and then tapping the info button. There will then be the option to make a "free call" to that contact. The button will be greyed out if the feature is not available on the friend's device.

What this means for VoIP technology

Facebook is exposing the benefits of VoIP technology to its over 1 billion users. As it becomes more widespread for consumers, it is likely that the demand for this feature will become more prevalent in the business world as well.

The cost savings and instant connectivity that VoIP provides is one of the reasons that many people are starting to embrace the new age phone system. As more companies decide to take advantage of the solution, they should partner with an experienced IT consulting firm that is versed in VoIP, to ensure they are deploying a complete solution.

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