Facebook testing out VoIP option

The use of VoIP technology as a business tool has grown since it was first created. Then vendors like Skype became popular and pushed the industry into overdrive. Suddenly college students were video chatting with high school friends around the country and parents could connect with their sons and daughters that were serving overseas in the military.

As the features and benefits of using a VoIP phone system became clear to the consumers, so too did they to the corporate world. Saving money on long distance phone calls and making the world a smaller place because of the ability to easily connect are aspects that many businesses can not say no to.

It is also something that other communication providers have noticed. Facebook announced a new update to its Messenger iOS and Android mobile application that involves a couple of interesting features. While the photo and camera buttons are a welcome addition, gaining all the headlines today is the ability to record and send a short voice message.

The company is also beta testing a full VoIP service version in Canada. This will allow users to essentially make phone calls to Facebook friends that are on logged in to the messanger app.

“To use the service, Canadian users will be able to log into their Messenger app, open a conversation with the person they want to call, hit the ‘i’ button in the top-right corner and selecting ‘Free Call.’ To send and receive calls, users will need to have the latest version of the app that is available today,” according to a recap from The Next Web.

While most companies will not be encouraging employees to make important phone calls through Facebook, it does show that more companies are looking into the technology. Businesses can take advantage of these phone systems by partnering with an IT consulting firm.

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