FCC considers allowing VoIP providers access to national number pool

One of the biggest pains of switching a phone system is porting over an existing number. While it can be a headache for residential customers, businesses can be devastated by changing a phone number, especially if they have based their brand around it. It has been a factor that has prevented some companies from upgrading to a more productive solution like a VoIP system.

However, according to a recent email obtained by the blog Politico, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering cutting out the middleman when it comes to providers getting numbers for their customers. The proposal will make it easier for VoIP providers to tap into the national numbers pool which would sever the relationship between area code and geographic locations.

"Allowing VoIP providers to obtain telephone numbers directly, and not through intermediate providers, as is generally the case today, has the potential to fuel innovation and promote competition, at the same time we ensure calls are routed reliably and efficiently, protect public safety, and guard against exhaust of limited numbers," the email read.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, who has been circulating the proposal, told the news source that modifying this would increase VoIP adoption as well as boost competition. He added that he hopes to have a pilot program set up soon and plans to launch a probe into how phone numbers are currently managed.

The benefits of VoIP phone systems have been talked about in this blog for some time and with one of the roadblocks on the verge of disappearing, more companies will be looking to adopt the technology. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in VoIP phone systems, any organization can incorporate the solution seamlessly.

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