Five reasons that VoIP may be right for your business

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows you to completely transform how your company handles voice calls. Here is what you need to know about this new internet call technology – and the reasons why you should consider introducing VoIP into your organization today. 

What is VoIP? 

VoIP put simply, is how you make voice and video calls over an internet connection rather than using landlines to dial-up. To adopt VoIP, you’ll only need:

  • A broadband internet connection
  • A computer with compatible software 
  • Headsets and speakers 
  • Smartphones connected to the internet if you plan on going mobile 

Chances are that you are already using broadband and computers or smartphones with compatible software such as Skype installed. But, with VoIP, you can exploit this technology to its fullest potential.

If you’re looking to make your office communications more cost-effective and flexible, here are five ways that VoIP helps you achieve these goals and more. 

Cost Efficiency

The average SMB saves around 45 percent on call costs when they opt for VoIP phone technology over traditional landlines and call networks, a recent report has revealed. There are a few reasons for this. VoIP typically charges predictable monthly fees rather than charging you for each call you make. Since you’re running these calls through internet connections, there’s no need to purchase expensive equipment or landlines. 


VoIP helps to mobilize your workforce. With VoIP phone technology, your employees can easily conduct voice and video calls from remote locations through apps such as Skype, and they can work comfortably across time zones. Your managed service provider or IT specialist can help you take advantage of this flexibility. 


Over 30 percent of businesses who use VoIP agree that the technology allows them to boost productivity and streamline their operations, according to reports. This is because VoIP is simple to use and user-friendly. 

VoIP also benefits from reduced downtime when compared with landline calls. If you find that, right now, you’re wasting valuable time and resources on troubleshooting landline problems, you’ll eliminate this problem with VoIP. 


VoIP is entirely scalable in line with your own long and short-term business goals. You can easily expand your internet call use across new computers and networks as your company grows, and it doesn’t take long to train new staff in the technology. It’s also easy to reduce your VoIP if necessary because you can simply change packages with your VoIP provider. 


Thanks to VoIP, even small businesses can access the latest in communications technology. Whether you use VoIP phones to hold conferences or you pitch ideas to clients and consumers through video chats, VoIP gives your company a competitive edge. Make innovation a priority this year and trade in your landlines for VoIP phone technology.

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VoIP takes your company communications to a new level. It’s easy to set up and cost-effective to run, and it adds valuable flexibility to your business. Best of all, it’s scalable, so you can develop your VoIP infrastructure as your company grows. For more information on VoIP and VoIP phone systems, contact us now.