Google bringing wireless internet to 1 billion new people

It seems that anywhere you go, there is a possibility of connecting to the internet. The growing access to the world wide web has caused the world itself to shrink and the cost of doing business across the globe to come down. This can be seen in the increased use of VoIP phone systems in both the consumer and business worlds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning on bringing wireless internet to a number of developing markets around the world. The company will do this in a number of different ways, including creating special blimps that are able to broadcast an internet signal over hundreds of square miles. There is also talk of a satellite-based network.

According to one person that was interviewed by the news source and is familiar with Google's plans, "there's not going to be one technology that will be the silver bullet." What that means is that each market will present challenges and require specific solutions.

These systems would also be able to improve the internet speeds in larger metropolitan areas. This program, which will include the help of telecommunication firms and equipment providers, will bring increased internet capabilities to a billion or more people.

With improved internet coming to more people around the world, the ability to communicate with customers and vendors is getting easier. More companies should start turning toward VoIP and unified communication solutions to improve the effectiveness and cost of their telecommunication solutions.

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