Hercules brings first major storm of 2014

When most people hear the name Hercules, they think about the son of Zeus— a muscular hero fighting off gods and protecting mankind. However, in the Northeast today, that name brings about a new image – lots of snow and below freezing temperatures. That is because Hercules is the name of the first major storm of 2014.

Dumping as much as 15 plus inches of snow from Ohio to Maine, companies in this area could be dealing with worsening conditions through Friday, potential power outages and employee safety as the commute continues to deteriorate. However, for companies that have already done some planning, Hercules will remain nothing more than a tale from history.

Disaster recovery solutions are a critical piece of any business IT infrastructure. Many organizations are relying on cloud backup and recovery systems as a way to not only keep data secure but also as a way for employees to access this data from home. This ensures that companies are able to keep operations going, even with employees working from the warmth of their living room.

Cloud solutions can also be paired with unified communication systems to make sure clients and vendors that are not in areas affected by the storm are able to reach your business, even if no one if working from the office.

If you are an Ohio business affected by Hercules and are now considering cloud backup support, a local service provider in Columbus can become a valuable resource for to make it through these times.