Hospital installs VoIP phone system

Business communication is a critical tool for any organization. Staying connected and having clear communication is a necessity to ensure all employees and customers are on the same page. This is true of every industry, especially health care.

A recent article from Health Tech Zone profiled a move by St. Elizabeth Physicians Hospital, which just deployed a new VoIP phone system. The hospital represents more than 77 different SEP locations and each of them will upgrade using fiber connection that improves network services and the speed of the facility's Internet in order to support an integrated, system-wide voice over IP communication system.

"The point to the project was basically two fold," the article reads. "The hospital wanted to find a way to offer better access to information for its patients. It also wanted to find a way to save as money as it possibly could."

According to Dr. Glenn Loomis, St. Elizabeth Physician's CEO, an IT consulting firm played a major role in the adoption of VoIP phone systems. It relied on the service provider to work closely with them, find their needs and execute the project as quickly as possible. It also helped explain all the features that will help serve patients more efficiently.

Any organization that is looking to improve its communication would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm that can help install a VoIP phone system or unified communication solution.

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